-Way Firewall Never make an accidental online mis-step again. Our 2-way firewall proactively protects against inbound, outbound, and program attack while making you invisible to hackers. * Inbound and Outbound – monitors and blocks threat traffic in or out. * Full Stealth Mode -makes you invisible to hackers. * Kill Controls – instantly disable malicious programs. * Passes Independent Leak Tests* – to verify complete blocking, see test results. Operating System Firewall (OSFirewall ) Stop attacks before they start. Only Zone Alarm provides constant protection from even the most sophisticated viruses and spyware, rootkits, and kernel-level threats. * 0-Hour Rootkit Protection -blocks silent rootkit outbreaks from gaining system access, even before the threat is known by other security programs. * Program Control -restricts programs from malicious activities, blocking attacks that by-pass other defenses. * Early Boot Protection – Protects your operating system during start-up. Browser Security Shop, bank, and browse the Internet with confidence. ZoneAlarm ForceField blocks Internet threats that target your browser, shielding you from drive-by downloads, phishing attempts, spyware and keyloggers like no one else can. * Virtual Browsing -Each time you surf the Internet with ForceField, we create a clone of your browser. Every time you visit a website, open a new page, or download a file, everything that could attack you or your PC, including zero day browser attacks, goes to that clone. We believe it is an essential piece of Internet security and only ZoneAlarm has it. * Anti-phishing -Detects phishing sites that were created even seconds before you encountered them. Dual-engine anti-phishing identifies and stops fraudulent websites that trick you into revealing personal data. * Dangerous Download Detection -Detects and Blocks unauthorized downloads and malicious software installations and alerts you to problems before they begin. * Keylogger and Screengrabber Jamming -Protects your identity by keeping your keystrokes and click trails private. * Private Browsing -Erases all cache, cookies, history and passwords and lets you browse the internet in complete privacy. Antivirus Inoculate your computer. Award-winning antivirus stops, blocks, and removes attacks before they infect your PC. * Advanced Antivirus Engine – delivers the broadest and deepest protection that stops malicious software that other systems ignore. * New Scan Modes – run faster, deeper, and provide customization options. * Kernel-Level Virus Prevention – protects at the operating system level. * Fastest Updating Signature List – detects and stops even the most recent viruses that others miss. Anti-Spyware The only one who should know what you’re doing is YOU. Our award-winning anti-spyware automatically prevents, blocks, and removes spyware. * Spy Site Blocking – prevents accidental visits and malicious communication with spyware sites. * Kernel-Level Spyware Prevention – protects at the operating system level * Dual-Engine Scan – catches certain kinds of spyware like adware that others ignore * Fastest Updating Signature List – detects and stops even the most recent spyware Total ID Theft Protection Identity theft can happen to anyone, anywhere. ZoneAlarm’s unique approach to stopping identity theft combines offline ID protection services with online PC-based technologies. * PC-Based ID Protection – utilizes a combination of anti-spyware and web browser security to block, remove, and disable programs designed to steal your identity. * Daily Credit Monitoring – monitors your credit reports daily with email alerts and reports, and notifies you if there have been changes, which is often an indication of identity theft (US only). * Fraud Alerts and Monthly Reports – provided to you (US only). * Victim Recovery Service – provides free telephone counseling to guide ID theft victims through resolution and recovery (US only). Online Backup Your tax returns, your music and your photos are precious to you. Protect your valuable files in the event of loss, theft, accidental deletion or disc failure. * User-defined encryption keys for secure data transfer – Secures your files as they are uploaded and downloaded. All data stored on the IDrive servers is encrypted using a secure key with a password known only to you, protecting your data from hackers. * Retrieve data from any location – Login via any web browser to your account and access backed up data, view log reports and restore data to your local machine. * Automated Backups – Schedules the backup of data as per your convenience. Includes optional automatic shut down of your computer on completion of backup. * Efficient Backups – Effectively utilizes your Internet bandwidth as the data files are compressed during transmission. Further, only the modified portions of your files are backed-up, resulting in quick backups. PC Tune-up Keep your new PC running smoothly! Automatically cleans, reorganizes and streamlines your computer so it runs faster. * Registry repair – optimizes your registry be removing unused and redundant entries that cause your computer to operate more slowly. * Temporary file cleaner – cleans out temporary and redundant files on your computer to free up disk space. * Automatic operation – no user expertise required * Low resource use – you’ll hardly know it’s running Additional Layers This is why we say – COMPLETE protection. Multiple layers of advanced protection for unsurpassed security. * Anti-Spam, Anti-Phishing – filters out annoying and potentially dangerous spam. * Parental Control – filters and blocks inappropriate websites in over 30 categories; scans uncategorized websites to determine appropriateness. * Wireless PC Protection – automatically detects wireless networks and secures your PC from hackers’ threats wherever you’re connected – at home or on the road. * Privacy Protection – manages and blocks pop-up ads, online profiling, cookies, and cache. * SmartDefense Service – provides real-time security updates, quick response to breaking threats, and leverages threat data from the vast community of users to protect your PC from the latest attacks. Safe, Fast, and Easy We believe it makes sense that for online security to be effective, it has to be easy to use. So we created a new interface that delivers a simple overview, One-Click “Fix It” buttons, and customization controls for more advanced users.


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