On Tiberian sun, Nod recovered itself when a man named Anton Slavik escapes Execution and then later on Executed his would be executor Hassan and when doing so Kane makes a surprise revival. On the GDI’s side of the story: General James Soloman (played by James Earl Jones from Star Wars) realized that Kane is back in power and he plans to do Something about it, so he gets one of his best men, Commander Mike McNeil (Played by Michael Biehn from Termanator 1) Mike was also assigned to capture Nod General Vega who has been dealing a possible Tiberium based poison. Also there have been many new things with Tiberium in Tiberian Sun, Tiberium has grown rapidly causing Civilian evacuation from Temperate and tropical climates of the earth (those are ecosystems that Tiberium grow the fastest on) and caused almost all non-mutated Human Civilians to evacuated to the Colder Northern Regions of the Earth (eg, Scandinavia, North Russia and Siberia, North Canada, Greenland ext). Some humans who were infected by Tiberium gradually mutated into Tiberium mutants known as the Forgotten who were also known as Shiners as a racist slang by most non-infected Civilians and GDI personnel

System requirement:
32mb video memory
256 mb ram
pentium III or higher


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