Demigod – Installation:
1) Unpack the rar’s
2) Un-7zip the .7z file (unpacks to 2.72 GB), place the resulting folder in “Program Files”
3) To start the game, execute “Demigod.exe” in the “bin” folder

The 7-Zip file in the download is the original, brought to you directly from the Reverse Engineers at RADiANCE
I have promised to keep the original file intact, leaving it completely untouched.
This I have done, and I present it to you here, for your use and enjoyment.

Rapidshare Links:
________200 MB rar’s with 10% RECOVERY BUILT-IN.
________That means “CRC… Wrong Password?” or other WinRar errors can be fixed!!
________Just open WinRar from the Start menu, navigate to, and select, the damaged file, then click “Repair”

7-Zip, for those who need it:

Password :


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