APPLICATION-Diskeeper 2011 Pro Premier 15.0.956.0 (x86/x64)

ImageDiskeeper 2011 Pro Premier 15.0.956.0 (x32/x64) FINAL UPDATED VERSION Image


New Diskeeper® performance software 2011 will make your PC(s) faster, more efficient, more reliable and last longer. And use less electricity too! How? All computers suffer from fragmentation – where files are broken up and scattered all across your disk drives. This makes it take longer to read, write and save files. Plus since your PC is working harder than it needs to, more wear and tear occurs. Diskeeper with new IntelliWrite™ fragmentation prevention resolves this by preventing up to 85% of all fragmentation from happening in the first place. Any remaining fragmentation is quickly eliminated in real time thanks to Diskeeper’s InvisiTasking® technology. With new Diskeeper 2011 your computers simply run better than new all the time! Your computers will run faster with Diskeeper 2011 installed. You’ll enjoy using every aspect of your system—from downloading to accessing files to surfing the web with greater ease and efficiency.
Leave hang-times, freeze-ups and other fragmentation-based crashes in the dust.

File fragmentation on your computer’s hard drive is one of the most basic reasons for slows, hangs, crashes and system errors. Left alone, it will bring your computer to a halt. Fragmentation is continual and with the number of today’s applications, peripherals, and file sizes, it accumulates hourly. No manual defragmenter will prevent this. Diskeeper 2011 is the only defragmenter ever built that defragments in real time without requiring a schedule. Your computer will run faster with Diskeeper 2011 installed – period.

Available in Diskeeper 2011, InvisiTasking provides up-to-the-moment defragmentation without tapping into active system resources. The result: completely invisible yet robust automatic defragmentation that acts in real time to keep your computer running at maximum performance. InvisiTasking® technology offers true transparent, background processing technology allows Diskeeper 2011 to defragment your computer in real-time, completely eliminating the need for cumbersome maintenance operations. Free up gridlocked resources and let your computer hum along at peak performance. Diskeeper 2011 Professional enhances the reliability and performance of your computer—automatically!

Diskeeper 2011 I-FAAST® file optimization technology accelerates file access times to meet the heavy workloads of file-intensive applications. Utilizing a specially formulated technology, I-FAAST closely monitors file usage and organizes the most commonly accessed files for the fastest possible access, boosting file access and creation to speeds above and beyond the capabilities of your system when it was new, up to 80% faster.

High-power computer systems require high power-defragmentation engines. Only Diskeeper 2011 includes the advanced technology necessary to eliminate large volume fragmentation found on big and busy computers. The remarkable Terabyte Volume Engine™ (TVE) technology. TVE is the only defrag technology with the necessary horsepower to eliminate the rapid fragmentation build-up that occurs in high-traffic volumes that handles millions of files. TVE was initially developed for the highest capacity servers but has now also become essential for the high end power user. Large databases, CAD programs — Diskeeper 2011 handles the biggest jobs fast and thoroughly. The greater the number of files and fragments on a volume, the more dramatic TVE’s benefits will be. Nothing compares to TVE’s ability to eliminate enterprise level fragmentation. In a class of its own, TVE makes real-time power computer defragmentation a fact.


• Efficiency. New technology and advanced algorithms maximize performance while eliminating disk I/O activity not conducive to improving your computing experience. Maximum performance from minimal effort!

• Immediacy. With IntelliWrite continuing to prevent most fragmentation before it happens, the new Instant Defrag feature of Diskeeper now rapidly eliminates any fragmented data that does occur.

• Scalability. With the immediate file-by-file approach to optimization, time and resource consuming whole-volume analysis and defragmentation operations are rarely, if ever, needed. This revolutionary new design scales to much larger volumes than traditional disk defragmentation technologies!

• Defragmentation Options. Diskeeper now defaults to an “Efficient” defragmentation method to maximize efficiency and performance while minimizing disk I/O by intelligently determining which files, folders and free space should be defragmented. This setting can be changed to a more extensive defragmentation option from the Defragmentation Options tab in the Configuration Properties.

• Savings. Diskeeper now tracks I/O’s saved on your system. Taking into account the I/O activity of Diskeeper as well, this cumulative net figure equates to less system processing overhead, disk head movement, and total power consumption resulting in reduced operating costs. Now it’s even easier to gauge the benefits of your new investment !

Performance Improvements You Will See:

*Overall faster PC speeds
*No rapid fragmentation build-up
*Faster file access speeds
*Fastest boot up times
*Fastest backup times
*Fastest application speeds
*Fastest anti-virus scans
*Fastest internet browsing speeds
*Fastest read & write times
*Increased system stability
*Increased PC performance
*Reduced PC slows, lags & crashes
*Reduced I/O activity
*Reduced file corruption and data loss
*Increased hardware lifespan
*Lower energy costs

Image(29/05/2011)New patches for updated version 956 included, for both x32 and x64 (credits to shajt)Image

PROOF (Tested on Win’7 x64 WORKING 100%)



READ CAREFULLY—> Instructions:

1) Install Diskeeper 2011 Pro Premier as trial.

(After you choose the option “I purchased and downloaded the software”, click next, then click “Additional Options if License file cannot be found”, click next, then check the option ” I cannot find the License file and want to install Diskeeper as trialware”.)

Once installed, DON’T run Diskeeper

2) Run the patch (x32 or x64)

3) Enjoy

!!!TIP!!! (thanks KanalUnge) :

Installing in any location except the default one will render in a “Trialware exceeded” error.

(re-installing it in default location will fix the problem)

Here’s a list of the fixes in this update (956):

1. Fixed an incorrect warning in the Performance Report. If a volume is smaller than 2GB (e.g. a recovery partition), on which IntelliWrite may not be enabled, this is not flagged in the Performance Report as not optimal configuration.

2. Added date, time, and product version to the saved and printed Job Reports.

3. IntelliWrite, if you have licensed HyperFast, can now be enabled on SSD-backed volumes (note the default setting is “off”).

ImageDISKEEPER 2011 PRO PREMIER 15.0.956.0 (x64/x32)”FULL SETUP zip” including new patches for version 956 size : 46mb






Image“PATCHES ONLY zip” for version 956 (x64/x32) (without Diskeeper setup file) size : 5,8mb






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