Font Manager Pro lets you organize and categorize your extensive font collections and activate individual fonts and font sets as needed.

Features and Benefits:
The main function of Font Manager Pro is to make fonts available to Windows and running applications as they are needed. This has several benefits including:

* Installed fonts consume precious system memory and resources. Activating just the fonts you need when you need them helps preserve system memory and resources.
* Many major graphic design applications such as Adobe Illustrator scan installed fonts as the application loads. If you have several thousand fonts installed on your system, it could take significant time for the application to load.

Another important function of Font Manager Pro is the creation of font sets. Font sets allow you to categorize and organize your fonts any way you choose. Some suggestions of ways to categorize fonts using font sets are by:

* Typeface Style – Serif, Sans-Serif, Script, Decorative, Dingbats, etc.
* Font Type – OpenType, TrueType, Type 1
* Design Project/Document – The font set contains all fonts used for a particular file or document.

Font Manager Pro also provides important preview functionality to help you choose the best font for your particular needs. The benefits of font previewing are:

* See multiple fonts on screen at once in a list format for easy comparison.
* Preview all fonts in a font set or just fonts you select.
* Use preset or custom preview text to see how each font displays the text.
* Quickly change point size for all fonts being previewed.


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