The Bank Robber is a game unlike any other game that you have seen before. Play it now and become the best robber on the internet! In The Bank Robber it is your mission to rob a bank with a specialized team. You have to select the best team and give them the most efficient tools for the job. If you have the right crew and the right tools your job will be easier and you can leave the bank alive, free and RICH! Robbing a bank means you need to plan the job, disable the security, avoid the guards and sneak your way into the fault. Be sure to stay alert, because jobs will become harder over time. Study all the information and plan a strategy. You have to be successful! Don’t make to many mistakes or you’ll end up in jail!

The Bank Robber contains:
12 High-security banks one bank that holds the nations money reserve!
Rob any bank that you see!
Create your own team from 20 specialists who are willing to help you!
Buy your own tools select tools from high-end military to secret agency tools!
Disable the various security in the banks!
Earn more money by robbing bigger and more secured banks!
Set a high score through our advanced high-score system


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