Sherlock Holmes, the famous detective is going to solve a mystery. Elisabeth Montcalfe, who

is going to marry his distant cousin, begs him for help. Her father disappeared some time

ago. Scotland yard investigated the case and reported that, according to the evidence they

found in the manor, Lord Montcalfe killed himself by self-immolation. His daughter refuses

to believe this conclusion. In her heart, she still believes that her father is alive.

Sherlock Holmes accepts her invitation to visit Lord Montcalfe’s manor to begin his inquiry.

The Manor is full of traps and secrets. Compelled to go forward, the detective struggles to

the heart of the sanctuary, which is protected by Egyptian magic…

Game features:
• Inspired by the writings and characters of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
• An involving story-line in true Sherlock Holmes style
• A wonderfully appointed, atmospheric and graphically detailed mansion
• Numerous interesting objects to search for, collect and use during game-play
• Many rooms to search, all uniquely decorated and furnished
• An evolving and intriguing storyline
• Exceptional puzzles of differing complexity
• Interesting characters to interact with




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