Mata Hari Europe, the beginning of the twentieth century. Unusual presentations dancer named Mata Hari attracting the attention of masters of the most influential circles. One of the spectators a secret agent Oscar Samsonet. Looking for an exotic dance, he realizes that Mata Hari is ideal for the role of spy. A passion for adventures and easy money attracted dancer, so she accepts his proposal. Using her charm, she easily recognizes the political and military secrets. This attracts more attention to her person, and soon her life begins at risk …

The game is based on the history of the legendary spy the beginning of the twentieth century. In 1905, it was famous in Europe as a performer of exotic dancing. Using their success, Mata Hari is very closely acquainted with many influential people of the time. During the First World War, Mata Hari was arrested by French intelligence and accused of spying for Germany.


A classic adventure, which is set in an era of great early twentieth century
In the main role – the famous spy Mata Hari
The game has several different endings depending on player actions
The original mini-games in the style of espionage
The project involved veterans of the videogame industry Khal Barvud (Hal Barwood) and Falsteyn Noah (Noah Falstein) – the creators of the legendary game Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Size : 873 MB

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