The game is set on 18th century high seas and has exceptionally strong storyline. Player assumes the role young captain of british East India Company, set out to find out who exactly was the pirate who murdered his father and brother and to avenge them.

The game world spans from London to Aceh. Player can decide which role to take, be it trader, pirate or soldier. More than 100 missions provide challenges for all roles. The game focuses strongly on player ship and naval battles. There are 10 different ship types to choose from, from small and agile sloops to lumbering merchantmen and to ships-of-the-line that bristle whit powerful cannons.

Special characters are hired and used to boost the abilities of the ship and her crew. Special characters include such persons as marine snipers, surgeon, cannon officer and navigator. Different weather modes make naval battles challenging but fun and visually stunning. Bloody boarding actions are included as means to take over enemy ships and steal their cargo.

Trading and exploring exotic locations are also a big part of the gaming experience. There are more than 40 cities, towns and villages to visit and do trading in. Beyond wealth, there is also military and political power to be acquired. And no, there is no dancing.

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