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+ 100% clean rip
+ 100% uncut
+ all textures included (no missing textures)
+ language: english
+ installer with official style (no group brandings, no annoying names)
+ installer automatically creates a desktop and startmenu shortcut
+ small installer size [246MB]
+ perfect size for a CD
+ includes an uninstaller
+ online playable
+ serverbrowser (including favorites and history) works flawlessly
+ includes all latest updates (since:

Along with many many thanks, some has been kind enough to recommend this CS to others Smile Thank you to all who support this CS

NOTE: Running this game may put your Steam into “insecure” mode. Its nothing major, just restart Steam and it’ll work fine again. Your VAC status and such is not affected.


Artemis Fowl the Second
or Josh Wink

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