An action-packed, addictive arcade-style game The universe is under attack and it’s up to you to liberate the planets. Feel the adrenaline as you fend off hordes of cyborgs, motherships and deadly bosses.
Challenge your reflexes by dodging incoming fire and diving enemies. The skies will explode with your power. This action-packed, addictive game brings classic arcade-style gameplay to today, and beyond.
Game details:
* Unlimited Play.
* Unique and Challenging Enemies.
* Stunning Graphics and Sounds.
* Tons of Levels.
* Powerful Power-Ups.
System Requirements:
# Windows 95/Windows ME/Windows 2000/Windows Vista/Windows XP/Windows 98
# 233 MHz Pentium or equivalent
# 32MB RAM
# DirectX 6.0

It’s all compressed

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