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WindowBlinds is a program that allows you to completely change the look and feel of Windows to however you want it to look like. WindowBlinds allows you to completely customize your desktop look by changing the style of title buttons, bars and toolbars. You can change the look of buttons and check boxes by assigning them skins, or personalities, and you can assign buttons that will launch programs to toolbars.

You can create your own skins, choose from the four that are included in the program, or download additional ones. You can also choose to exclude certain programs from WindowBlinds if you don`t want to change their appearances.


Quote:• Applies visual styles that can change the title bars, Start bar, push buttons, radio buttons, and nearly every other element of the Windows UI.
• Takes advantage of hardware acceleration on Windows XP and Windows Vista increasing window drawing performance over Windows by default
• Skins virtually every part of Windows XP
• Supports on-the-fly blurring of title bars and Start menus on Windows XP!
• Skins virtually every part of Windows Vista
• New, easy to use configuration
• Supports on-the-fly blurring of window frames, start menus, and menus on Windows Vista
• Users can change the color and brightness of individual skins
• Users can change fonts and font colors of their skins
• Supports animation overlays for integrated, high-quality animation
• Designed exclusively for Microsoft Windows as a native solution. Does not disable


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