Convert ringtones with a single click and send them to your phone using One-click Ringtone Converter.

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Convert your audio files and CD tracks to compact-sized MP3, MMF, WAV, QCP, AMR ringtones for your mobile phone with this no-frills conversion program. All you need to do is to select your music directly in “My computer”, Windows Explorer or Desktop and right-click once to convert it to ringtones. You can select entire audio file, CD track or any fragment you like to convert. For multiple files selection you can set how many seconds of original song you want to convert. Whether you convert a single audio file or create your own ringtones collection it never been so easy. One-click Ringtone Converter can turn MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, APE, FLAC files and CD audio tracks to ringtones and can convert a single file, selected part of file, group of files or entire folders with just one click. It also helps you to choose proper ringtone format for your phone model, you just need to pick your phone on the list. One-click Ringtone Converter also normalizes volume of converted ringtones to make them sound clearly and loudly. It places converted files to your computer for later transferring via bluetooth, memory card, cable or infrared link. You can also choose “Send” option to let it send ringtones to your phone via the Internet, SMS or MMS. Once installed One-click Ringtone Converter becomes a part of Windows, so you don’t need to launch any application to convert ringtones.

Instant one-click conversion
Convert ringtones in one click, no need to run any application, no need to learn interface. Just pick any music file in Windows Explorer, My computer or even on Desktop and right-click once to convert it to ringtone.

Convert music batches to ringtones
Right-click music files or entire folders with audio files to convert them to ringtones. One-click Ringtone Converter can automatically find music files in the selected folders and convert batches to WAV, MP3, MMF, QCP or AMR ringtones at once.

Convert CD tracks to ringtones
Just right-click your audio CD tracks to convert them to ringtones. One-click Ringtone Converter will load titles for each song from the Internet to make ringtones properly named. You can convert a single CD track or select and convert them all at once.

Completely automatic ringtone conversion
You don’t need to tune any settings to create your ringtones. One-click Rintone Converter is a no-frills fully-automatic software that converts ringtones without any hassles.

Custom quality of your ringtones
You may choose between normal and high quality preset to get smaller or larger ringtone files with appropriate quality. Or use fine tune to get the exact quality you want. It’s easy with One-click Ringtone Converter!

Limit ringtone size
It’s not a problem if your phone or cellular carrier don’t support large ringtone files. You can limit ringtone file size as you like with One-click Ringtone Converter size limitation feature. Just choose ringtone size in Kbytes and get a properly- formatted ringtone.

Ringtone format for your phone
Motorola? Nokia? Samsung? Does it create ringtones for your phone? One-click Ringtone Converter can convert your music into ringtones of WAV, MMF, MP3, AMR, QCP formats that cover 90% of the phones currently available on the market. Create ringtones that best fit your phone with One-click Ringtone Converter.

Ringtone choice assistance
Cannot choose a proper ringtone type for your phone? Simply select your phone model in the choice assistance list and One-click Ringtone Converter will select the right ringtone formats for you.

Convert entire files and fragments
Convert entire songs to ringtones or select any part you like.

Create perfect-quality ringtones
One-click Ringtone Converter uses quality settings optimized for ringtones. It creates compact-sized ringtone files that sound clearly and loudly even if the source music files wasn’t loud enough. So your ringtones will sound perfectly!

Convert and send
One-click Ringtone Converter can upload converted ringtones to your phone via the Internet, SMS or MMS. You don’t need cables, just Internet connection both for your computer and phone. You may choose among WAP, SMS and MMS delivery for your ringtones. Note that SMS and MMS delivery are not available for some carriers. You can also use cable, infrared or bluetooth link to transfer converted ringtones.

Convert ringtones from any audio files
One-click Ringtone Converter can turn any music files like MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, FLAC, APE to polyphonic ringtones. It can also convert CD tracks to ringtones.
Having troubles with bulky ringtone converters? Confused by tons of buttons and menus? Try One-click Ringtone Converter to convert your favorite melodies from your computer to your phone instantly. Convert ringtones in a moment, forget about complex software! Just click and get ringtones on your phone.

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