When hitman Mike le Roi meets up with a voodoo priestess and gets a powerful mask planted in his chest, he becomes…Shadow Man! Armed with black-magic weaponry (and some standard weapons, too) he roams between worlds to wage war against a slew of enemies. This unique action-adventure title from the folks who brought us TUROK: Dinosaur Hunter boasts an excellent story, gargantuan non-linear levels, simple controls, and eye-popping graphics. With multiple views and gamer-controlled camera capabilities, SHADOW MAN also features complex puzzle solving, a creative list of weapons, lush backgrounds, and multiple game endings. There are also over 40 graphic scenes (this one takes a long time and a lot of patience to complete), hours of in-game speech, and an interactive soundtrack. The variety of enemies, levels, and obstacles is so well thought-out that it makes it hard to stop playing, despite the obviously high level of difficulty. Based on the Acclaim Comics series of the same name, SHADOW MAN is recommended for fans of scarier games.

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