Pyst is a computer game published as a parody of the highly successful Myst. It features full motion video of John Goodman portraying “King Mattruss”. Like Myst, Pyst behaves like an interactive slideshow. The game features both three-dimensional graphics and animated drawings. It was written by Peter Bergman, a co-founder of the Firesign Theatre. The original release included an original song, “I’m Pyst”, performed by Goodman. “Pyst” shows us what the island of Myst would look like after 4 million people (players) walked over it. The island is full of litter, most buildings are ruined, and graffiti reveals secret doors and solutions that players have to find themselves in Myst. A demo of a sequel titled “Driven” (a reference to the Myst sequel Riven) appeared on CD-ROMs of later Parroty Interactive games. Though graphically more advanced than “Pyst” (and allowing some movement), the game was apparently never completed.

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