Claw follows the adventures of Captain Nathaniel J. Claw, a swashbuckling tabby cat whose life’s work has been the defeat of the Spaniard Armada. (OK, so the premise it a trifle cutesy, but rest assured, that’s where its annoyances end.) As the animated intro scene opens, we find Claw and his band of fearless felines engaged in mortal combat with the Spaniards. The cats are defeated and Claw is thrown into a dark dungeon to await his execution. While incarcerated, he happens upon a loose stone in the wall that, when removed, reveals a note written by one of the dungeon’s former denizens. The note tells of the legendary Amulet of Nine Lives and a map that will locate it and its nine powerful gems. The note’s author implores Claw to take the attached piece of the map and to track down the other pieces, the gems, and the amulet before they are discovered by the evil King’s minions. So the adventure begins.

It’s all compressed

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