Black and white: Creature Isle ISO

Bring your Black & White Creature to a completely new land, where he’ll face Trials, foes and tests like never before. If he’s got it in him, and if you’re good enough as well, he’ll make it into the fabled, coveted Brotherhood. From that moment on, he’ll be different. He’ll have more power. He’ll be an elite, and whether you keep playing with him on the Creature Isle or take him on-line, everyone will know what he has become.

Use your Creature to find and train a new Creature pet of his own. You’ll both have to rear him and decide what you wish to teach him, and what sort of Creature he’ll grow up to be. And if you look after him well, you’ll be rewarded.

* Battle with a massive number of Creatures. Not only can you enter into frenzied combat with the whole range of Creatures on the Creature Isle, but you will see new fighting styles and use special moves and powers.

* Find love. For the first time you’ll have the chance to meet the female Creature of your dreams. Your Creature might be smitten with her, but will she feel the same way about him? That depends.

* Tackle some of the most fun Trials you’ll ever experience. Play games, take on fiendish puzzles of mind and might, win bonus games and even play various sports.t / Story / Specs

The singing Missionaries from Black & White have been wandering the seas looking for land, when they discover a group of islands populated by many strange and wonderful Creatures who live as a Brotherhood.

The land is known as the Creature Isle and it’s a realm of mystery, a place without gods. The Isle is large and has many hidden corners, each with its own set of surprises.

Everywhere the player looks there are Trials. Furthermore, in this world of Creatures, a brand new Creature is born; one that looks to the player’s own Creature for guidance and learning.

Minimum Specification:
Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP,
350mhz processor, 64mb RAM,
CD or DVD 4x speed drive,
8mb Graphics Card PCI/AGP,
Direct3D 3D accelerator, Direct X 7.0a, Keyboard & Mouse.

Multiplayer (2-8 Players):
1 CD per player, network play: TCP/IP compliant
internet play: 56.6 Kbps Modem isle-Smart.part1.rar isle-Smart.part.rar isle-Smart.part.rar isle-Smart.part.rar isle-Smart.part5.rar



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