CyberLink Corp. introduced to the public a new tool from MediaShow Espresso, a popular videokonvertera who will like all the users who love to post videos on the web or watch videos on the display of mobile devices.

Express video conversion software MediaShow Espresso is the hassle-free solution for converting all your favorite videos for playback on iPhone, PSP, Xbox, YouTube and more. Simply choose the preferred media player or medium, and let MediaShow Espresso do the rest.

During video conversion, you’ll save precious time with support for powerful Intel ® Core i7 ™, NVIDIA ® CUDA ™, and ATI ® Stream ™ CPU / GPU technologies. Leverage the combined performance of your CPU and GPU to convert files quickly and efficiently.

Before starting your projects, you’ll find browsing for videos to be a fun experience with MediaShow Espresso’s intuitive interface. When it’s time to start converting, a simple 2-step process and batch jobs feature deliver an easy way of completing your projects on time and on demand. Faster performance doesn’t necessarily mean you have to waste power though, as you’ll find out with MediaShow Espresso’s energy-saving feature, auto-shutdown.

Convert Hundreds of Videos at Once

Batch convert with panache. MediaShow Espresso lets you save valuable time by converting multiple videos at once. Simply select your video files or even multiple folders, and then click to start your processing engines.
It’s All Simultaneous – Multi-Thread Video Conversion

Video conversion software MediaShow Espresso leverages all your CPU’s processing muscle to transcode videos simultaneously, instead of by piecemeal. Support for multi-threading allows MediaShow Espresso to utilize up to 4 processing cores at once.

Up to 10x Faster Performance

Size: 51.9 Mb
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Interface: English

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