Back To Baghdad STORY With more firepower, mould breaking AI and layer upon layer of polished technological advances the top squad combat game of 2002 is back. Once again As A Squadron, you will be tasked with the most critical missions and treacherous assignments. Your objectives: to eliminate the Chemical Warfare, Supergun and Scud Missile threat posed by the enemy, and to eject the last die-hard elements of the elite Republican Guard from their fortified positions inside Kuwait City. Tougher than ever before, your missions centre on pivotal events in, what is now termed, the Mother of all Battles. Your campaign consists of 10 missions and begins with an urgent call for rescue. Should you survive the gruelling conditions, the relentless pursuit and the shattering assaults by heavy artillery, your final campaign will see you spearheading the Allied Forces’ attempt to liberate Kuwait city, and a frantic struggle to prevent an ecological disaster amid the burning hell of the Kuwaiti oil fields. FEATURES A Squadron takes you 300km further behind enemy lines, testing your nerve, skill and bravery to the very limit. Your elite squad – Team Leader, Combat Engineer, Sniper and Heavy Weapons Specialist – are your only men. Their skills are unmatched and irreplaceable. Outmanoeuvre the enemy with tactics, stealth and high-powered combat in 10 gruelling missions. Issued with more vehicles, equipment and weapons, your squad is armed to the teeth for the hardest challenge of their careers. With sharper-than-ever combat AI, you will be faced with the toughest challenges and the smartest enemies. Enhanced graphics and sound place you in the heart of the conflict. you are in charge of the Boys: Bradley, Foley, Connors and Jones are back and this time fighting is harder, the location tougher and the enemy stalking your every move. Set during the 1991 Gulf War, Conflict: Desert Storm II takes you a further 300km behind enemy lines

Each file is 100MB each and you’ll need to download all parts.
Un-rar with password bennymac and then extract the two ISO images.
Burn to disk or mount with image drive.
The no-cd fix can be found in the deviance folder on disk one along with two trainers I have included.

Enjoy the game! If you have any requests, sign up at the forum and pm me them and itll go on my priority list. =]

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