The client currently works with the following games:

•World of Warcraft
•Warhammer Online
•Runes of Magic

How does it work?
Our data collection is done via a small application which runs on Windows. It sits quietly in your system tray, periodically sending information on entities (monsters and npcs), items, quests, your profile, and various other small bits of information to WOWDB. The client poses no security threat to your system and we do not collect any personal information such as email addresses or passwords.

The client itself is not a hack and does not provide any advantage over other players. All it does is collect harmless information about objects in the game.

What do we collect?
As stated above, we only collect what is necessary for our database, no personal information or passwords are collected. Data collected from the game includes:

Item statistics
Entity information (NPCs, interactable objects, monsters), including what they drop and where they spawn. Quest information, including which entities give you quests, and which complete them
Chunk information (zones and locations)
Your character’s profile and statistics

How can I help?
To submit data to WOWDB you will first need to register for an account. Once you have an account, you may then download the installer. After installation you will be asked for your username and password, enter your CurseID username and password, not your game account login. Once done the client will work on it’s own. You can check its status and change any configuration by using the icon in your system tray.

Taking Screenshots
The client allows you to bind a hotkey to take screenshots while you’re playing games. When you are finished playing it will let you review the screenshots you’ve taken and upload the select screenshots to your profile automatically.

What is “Install Package”

On every project page, you will see an icon with the text “Install Package”. With the Curse Client installed, this button functions as a one-click download/install/extract for your addon projects. Save time and effort by using the Curse Client to install your addons for you!

Addon Management

•The client will detect and manage addons in your interface folder
•You can install, update, and delete addons with the client
Share Your Character Profile
•If you choose to install the CurseProfiler addon, the client will be able to collect game data and submit information to our database sites.
•Your character information and statistics will be uploaded to the database sites.

We currently submit data to:
•The data is submitted after you exit the game, so it will not interfere with your play session.
•You can view your characters to see your items and read a news feed.

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