With Blue Shift, you get Barney’s adventures, a new high-definition graphics pack that dramatically improves the look of the weapons and characters in all Half-Life games, and the entire Opposing Force expansion pack (there’s also a rebate for those who already own Opposing Force). It’s obviously geared toward fans that bought the Counter-Strike online package and want to see why the single-player Half-Life is hailed as the best action game ever. Even though the technology is fundamentally three years old, Blue Shift proves the Half-Life series is still about tension, story, horrible monsters (both human and alien), and fantastic combat in a sci-fi setting. Want more Half-Life? Get Blue Shift.

What’s New:

* A new Half-Life episode starring Barney!
* Also comes with the complete Opposing Force expansion
* The high-definition weapons and creature graphics look great
* High-definition pack improves the look of all Half-Life episodes

NOTE: This does not need the original half life to play, it is a standalone so will run without it.

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