The Cossacks series has always been noted for having a large number of units on screen simultaneously, and that all are controllable at the same time; this game is no exception. The limit of soldiers that can be used at the same time is 64,000, a large number, compared to other real time strategy video games. Only Rome: Total War or Medieval II: Total War can come close to this number, with ten thousand being the maximum number of soldiers usable at a time.

In the game, there are two different modes, single-player, and multi-player. In single player, three different modes may be played: campaign (tutorial), Battle for Europe (turn-based, much like Risk), and Skirmish/Historical Battles.

In Battle for Europe mode, 6 nations are playable: France, Russia, Prussia, Austria, Egypt, and Great Britain; with one of these, players attempt to conquer Europe. The 2006 expansion, Cossacks 2: Battle for Europe, also includes Spain, the Duchy of Warsaw and the Confederation of the Rhine. Players start with only one general, and one army. Over time, player experience improves, depending on the number of battles fought. As promotions are earned, more units become available, and better ones may be unlocked. At first, only infantry can be used, then cavalry is allowed, and finally artillery.

In Skirmish mode, a map is chosen, and a fight begins in a Real-Time environment, reminiscent of Age of Empires II. The human player begins by choosing a country with which to play, and then attempts to defeat the computer player’s nation, by trying to capture all of the villages on the map, or by destroying all of the enemy’s town centers. To capture a village, one, sometimes two, group(s) of thirty militiamen must be destroyed. Then, in order to capture it, a group of men must be moved near the center of the village. Each village can collect one of the four resources: coal, iron, gold, and food. Peasants, or serfs, can collect wood and stone, which are stored in storehouses.

System requirements
1.5 GHz (2.4 GHz Recommended) CPU
512 MB RAM,64 MB video card
2GB drive space
12x CD-ROM drive



This is the Full game iso! It can be burnt to a disk or mounted with daemon tools or a similar program.

Pass: manup@wbb

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