The Art of War is the first standalone expansion pack. Like the original Cossacks, the game is set in the 17th and 18th centuries, and 8000 units can be controlled. Cossacks: Art of War adds 5 new campaigns, 2 new nations, a map editor, and 16 times larger maps with new terrains. The two new nations are Denmark and Bavaria, which are both regarded as very good in the online Cossacks community, with Denmark being the popular choice of the two.


Bavaria – The Bavarians are the first of the two new nations introduced in the Art of War expansion. The two new nations share the same unique unit – the 18th century Musketeer, but with different attributes. The Bavarian one is the cheaper of the two, probably because of the fact that its bayonet (9) does less damage than even the mercenary grenadier’s (30). However, it more than compensates for this with its massive shot damage of 55. It is also thought that the Bavarian musketeer has greater range than its Danish counterpart.
Denmark – The second of the two new nations in the Art of War expansion, the Danish unique unit – the 18th century Musketeer, is more expensive than its Bavarian counterpart, but deals a greater shot damage (60) and greater bayonet damage (24) than the latter; the Danish 18th century Musketeer also doubles as a grenadier, which means two things – (1) it can destroy enemy buildings, and (2) it will behave like a grenadier when assembled in a formation. Of the two new nations, Denmark is the preferred choice on Cossacks multiplayer games.

pass: Qvasta

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