The concept of the game is that the player is a god, called from heaven to help those who invoked the player. However, the player is not an omnipotent monotheistic style god, but rather a god who rises and falls with his believers and the player must help develop their nature according to the player’s good or evil desires. The player also has a creature, the player’s physical representation in the world, who takes the form of an anthropomorphic cow, lion, ape or wolf, and with an unlocker, a tiger. It can grow to an immense size, and adopt a good or evil persona reflecting the player’s actions. Creatures help the player in most of the player’s decisions and represent the player’s god.

In addition to the god simulation and city-building elements of the original Black & White, Black & White 2 also features elements of Real-Time Strategy gameplay, with the addition of controllable warfare and fighting units.

Black & White 2 also features a more conventional HUD (Heads-Up Display) system than its predecessor. Rather than the experimental HUDless gameplay seen in the original game, Black & White 2 features HUD notifications that inform players of their creature’s state of mind, the effects of their actions on their creature, the status of villages, etc.

The only way the player can interact with this world directly is through the player’s hand, with which the player can pick up people, trees, food, and influence the ground. The player can also cast miracles. However, a certain amount of “Prayer Power” (in essence, “Mana”) from the player’s believers is needed to do this.

System requirements

Windows 2000/XP,
Intel-compatible 1.6 GHz CPU,
512MB RAM,
3.5GB hard drive space,
DirectX 9.0c compatible hardware,
and a 64MB video card with 1.1 Pixel Shader support

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