1602 A.D. is the North American release of a game that came out in Europe last year under the title Anno 1602, which was developed by the German firm Sunflowers. However….

The game opens a new world of game experiences with a mix of simulation and strategy gaming. Anno 1602 gives you the chance to create a realistic and lively world, modeling it to your liking, with the ultimate goal being to discover chains of islands, settle them, develop on them, and then trade with other player, your own various colonies, and various neutral, CPU controlled, players such as native tribesmen. The game focuses heavily on an economic standpoint, but on various occasions, the player will be forced (or will bring it upon others) to defend your islands against possible enemies.

1602 AD is, at its core, a colony building and trading simulation. You start as an unnamed European nation in 1602 AD that is looking to expand their power into the New World. As the game starts, you’ll need to quickly find a nearby island, colonize it, and start building up your economy. The US release of this game contains all 6 scenarios (in addition to the tutorial and training game) that were included in the original European release, as well as 9 new scenarios, along with a “free play role”.

System requirements
Pentium 166 MHz or higher,
Windows 95/98, 32 MB RAM, 120 MB hard disk space,
PCI graphic card (with 2 MB RAM), 8x CD-ROM drive,
SoundBlaster compatible sound card, speakers, mouse


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