Google Earth is a virtual globe program that lets you surf through our entire planet. You can zoom and search for your town and much more things such as school, churches etc! Google Earth Pro (Gold) is the upgraded version, it has a lot of more features such as movie making or advanced printing and much more… Worth 400 $ Google Earth Pro combines the power of Google Search with satellite imagery, maps, terrain and 3D buildings to put the world’s geographic information at your fingertips.

Google Earth for Pilots – This is part of a new series exploring Google Earth uses for different professions/ hobbies.

How to Get 3D Buildings in Google Earth Flight Simulator1. Enter Flight Simulator mode – Select “Tools->Enter Flight Simulator”. Optional: fly to a city which has 3D buildings (tip: San Francisco, Baltimore, Atlanta, Raleigh, Charlotte – these all have lots of 3D buildings). NOTE: – there is a bug in GE 4.3 if you select the “Current View” option in the “Enter Flight Simulator” window, you may end up at an higher altitude than you expect upon starting the flight (much higher). Just fly back down to the city level.
2. Open the Sidebar – Sidebar shortcut – Press ‘Ctrl + Alt + B’ (or + Option + B’ on the Mac) to bring up the sidebar
3. Turn on 3D Buildings – Turn these on in the Layers pane in the lower left after the sidebar opens.
4. Turn Off Sidebar – IMPORTANT – before resuming the flight simulator, turn off the sidebar by hitting the sidebar shortcut from step 2
5. Resume flight – Now you can resume flying the flight simulator by hitting the SPACE key and the 3D buildings should stay on for your current flight.


Google Earth Pro Datasets

Expand your business, explore untapped markets and understand your target demographic using Google Earth Pro Datasets. View parcel, demographic, and daily traffic count data for the US overlaid on top of the same, familiar imagery of Google Earth.

Parcel data
Research properties with ease using the Google Earth Pro Parcel Data layer. Zoom into an area and outlines of parcel boundaries will appear for millions of locations in the United States. Click on an Icon for a parcel boundary to see information such as last price sold, zoning and square feet. Additional parcel reports can be obtained from Dataquick.

US Demographics
Easy-to-read thematic maps shows seven demographic data fields provided by Nielsen Claritas, including current year and a five-year forecast information in balloons for each category. Make informed decisions about your next retail location using median age, income, education level and more for your state, county, census tract or block group.

Traffic Counts Data
Hundreds of thousands of points showing historical traffic counts in easy to understand mapped icons with historical traffic counts. Make sense of large data sets by reading them mapped at a location rather than on a textual report. Through this layer, you can visualize over 30 years of traffic count data, courtesy of Market Planning Solutions Inc.


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