As requested Adobe Dreamweaver 10.0. Bob if you dont say thanks for this, im never going to get the links for anybody whos name is bob again, lol. That was the hardest download ive ever had to find 😛 When the page loads, it looks like you have to pay, but just press the x on the add thats in the middle of the screen and the free download button is behind it.


Although a hybrid WYSIWYG and code-based web design and development application, Dreamweaver’s WYSIWYG mode can hide the HTML code details of pages from the user, making it possible for non-coders to create web pages and sites. One criticism of this approach is that it has the potential to produce HTML pages whose file size and amount of HTML code is larger than an optimally hand-coded page would be, which can cause web browsers to perform poorly. This can be particularly true because the application makes it very easy to create table-based layouts. In addition, some web site developers have criticized Dreamweaver in the past for producing code that often does not comply with W3C standards, though recent versions have been more compliant. Dreamweaver 8.0 performed poorly on the Acid2 Test, developed by the Web Standards Project. However, Adobe has focused on support for standards-based layout in recent and current versions of the application, including the ability to convert tables to layers.



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