Professional audio editing tools in an easy-to use program! Record from any source and edit the sound with drag & drop, cut & paste, fade in & out. Add effects to your sound, mix tracks together. Record streaming audio, convert LPs and tapes to CD/MP3, rip and burn CDs.
Extract pure digital audio directly from your audio CDs in Audio Editor Deluxe’s ripping module. Send your songs to the Edit module for modification, or to burn it to CD.
* Extract audio at high speed
* Automatically copy CD information (artist, title, track)
* Rip from supported CD drives
* Analog ripping from copy-protected CDs for personal use
Audio Editor Deluxe records from any audio source that you can hear on your computer: online streaming audio files–DVDs–CDs–live performances–interviews–internet and conventional radio–vinyl records or tape players–microphones–mixers–electronic instruments. If you can hear it, you can record from it!
* Record from any audio source supported by your equipment
* Choose a sampling rate from 8000Hz to 96,000 Hz
* Record at a variety of bit rates
* Record stereo or mono, convert quickly and easily from one to the other
* Control the volume of each stereo track
Audio Editor Deluxe has all the high quality editing capabilities, plus an impressive array of new additions. Our engineers have created an all-new reverb that is the equal of any reverb on the market today, PLUS a host of new features.

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