Finale Songwriter 2007 makes it easier and more productive to experiment with melodies, explore new arrangements and experience your songs! Work with a full orchestra of instruments, and adjust tempos to give your songs more energy. Use the Band-in-a-Box Auto Harmonizing to create a full sound. Print professional-quality sheet music, create MP3 files, even e-mail your songs to band members, friends, and fans! Transpose to any key Type a chord name to hear how it sounds – and see its guitar fretboard Select automatic drum grooves for different styles Add automatic harmonies Experiment with over 128 professional instruments Print great-looking sheet music Save MP3 files to create audio CDs or to play on an iPod Hear your songs with a professional software synthesizer-no hardware required Use Human Playback to make songs sound like they’re performed like live musicians Band-in-a-Box Auto Harmonizing Automatic lyric placement – up to six lyric verses Chord symbols, fretboard diagrams and percussion notation Automatic note spacing, dynamics, slurs, and articulations Multiple Undo
* Score Set-up wizard
* Up to eight staves of music
* Includes guitar and bass chord symbols& fretboard diagrams
* Quickstart videos show you how to use Songwriter
* Beautiful, professional quality printed pages

1. Install Finale 2009.
2.Make sure you are disconnected from the net the first time you run
Finale 2009.
3. Enter your name, and and select telephone activation.
4. Type the Software User actvation code into the field
in the keygen, To generate your real
Serial Number and code.
5. Press back in Finale
2009, and update the
Serial Number

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