How Will You Look Like in 20 Years and more? I am sure you will find the answer here! Want to peek into the future but time machine tickets are always sold out?
Free download Prophecy Master 1.1 (Rapidshare)
Take a shortcut with revolutionary new product that will fast-forward twenty years in just seconds!

ProphecyMaster will show you how a person will look like in 20 years by realistically aging their face.

Satisfy your curiosity and save on tickets to the time machine!

For using this software You Just Need a Picture!

It just takes a single head shot or any picture that has a face anywhere on it.
Open that picture with ProphecyMaster, click a button and watch how twenty years can pass in just moments.
Prophecy Master is a perfect time machine that will bring you into the future with no effort.
Irritating Girlfriend? Dump Her in a Second!

Tried everything reasonable to let your girlfriend leave but failed?
Try the new high-tech way of dumping girlfriends!
ProphecyMaster makes girlfriend dumping easy as 1-2-3.
Just send her a pictures of her face aged 20 years,_ and she’ll leave you with no second thought – unless she has a good sense of humor, of course!

Sophisticated Technologies Used for Your Entertainment

ProphecyMaster employs the latest and newest technologies in facial recognition and face transformation.
The product detects a face on any picture, analyzes its facial features, and applies sophisticated mathematical transformations to age the face twenty years. The results are truly photo-realistic – nothing like cartoons or drawings! You can use old pictures or scratched, faded or black-and-white photos of yourself or your ancestors in the past to make sure how close to _reality ProphecyMaster is.
Just grab an old photo and run a test!
Share Your Experience!

Got an exceptionally interesting result?
Share it with your friends and family by emailing it from within ProphecyMaster in just a few clicks!

SIZE 4 MB ONLY!(Linkz changed!)

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