What do our tests do?
Our tests check out your PC looking for security risks, Windows configuration issues, or performance problems. The test uses a small ActiveX utility that you load before starting the testing; it takes less than a minute to download, and you’re on your way to a faster PC.

The full check-up does all this: measures disk fragmentation; checks available system resources; analyzes device drivers; benchmarks the CPU, memory, video, disk, and Internet connection; looks for viruses and spyware in running software; and checks for common security problems. The analysis doesn’t change any settings on your PC, and you’ll be able to review our advice before making any changes.

Once the tests are complete, you’ll get a detailed report with our advice, plus an inventory of the PC’s hardware and software setup. You can send a link with your test results to anyone you want, or post the link on our forums if you have questions. So let’s go!

Size 1 MB ONLY!
Its Version 1.85

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