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Type: OS
Image Format: iso
Burn Tested: Yes

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Release Notes

This version of Windows XP is designed for your convenience. It requires less
memory from your system and it doesn t need a serial number as this is the
unattended version
It includes the following programs:

* Acrobat 8.0
* WindowBlind 5.04 Enhanced plus many new themes
* TuneUp Utilities 2007 English
* Microsoft Java VM Build 3809
* Sun Java 2 Version5.0.6 W/SP2
* IE 7 Final Activated
* Firefox 2
* Thunderbird
* Klite Codec Pack 2.80
* Window Media Player 11
* ZoneAlarm 6.5.737.2006 Pro
* Blindwrite By eXperience
* Nero 7.59 Lite
* PowerIso
* Ultra Iso
* Fraunhofer IIs MP3 Code
* Quicktime Alternative
* Acrobat Reader
* WinRAR
* Windows Vista RTM sidebar plus extra gadgets

History of updates and fixes;
Added Segoe Print and Segoe ****** Fonts (Fixes Notes Gadget)
Added more cool Gadgets (Black Jack, Tetris, Bricks, Pong, Command Launcher
Internet Search)
Fixed Version Number in Add-Remove Programs (from 5477 to 5744)
Minor RegDLL Changes
Now uses ProfileItems for QuickLaunch Shortcut
Improved Installation process (No more RunOnceEx Box)
Fixed VAIO Shell Extension not registering
Added Vista Calculator and Drive Info Gadgets
Changed skin to Glass
Quick Launch shortcut moved to UserProfile
Systray Icon issue FIXED! (Had to go from RTM 6.0.6000 down to RC2 6.0.5744, I
will go back to RTM when the new VAIO Build is released)
Added Calibri fonts (Fixes CPU Meeter)
Changed the Sidebar Skin to a much nicer one as you can see in the screenshot
(Fade Skin)
Changed Shortcut placement from All Programs to All Programs -> Accesories

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